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Save Own Guide's CV


 Our  main office is located in alex . S&O has creative Magazine created specially to serve and guide you in the egyptian community distributed every three months in many social collective places. We advertise on various social media channels and on a mobile application serving android and ios .S&O for printing , publishing and advertising depends on providing the best services available for all levels both in print advertising services and online advertising  using the modern art of the era .


Advertising Agency 

Save Own Guide is one of Systonic Group's companies. As an advertising agency we are making our publicity on a printing and electronic magazines serving many life fields . Our company's goal is to gain a huge percentage of viewers by distributing in coffee shops , hypermarkets , clubs , banks such as QNB , and the syndicates . We provide several facilities to companies for access the best ideas available to reach the best quick results and affordable for most companies.
There is no doubt that audio an visual are means of advertising that you can find it with us.

  Magazine's fields 

S&O presents (Kids, Medical, Offers, Services, Companies) printed magazines offering a unique service . It implements different ideas to make our customers always at the forefront because it supported by a website and other electronic services that make it the ideal demand for any user .We provide also web designing ,site management ,general designing , marketing ideas. advertising and publicity ,TV publicity and conference & exhibitions organizing.


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