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Our Services

 Print Medical Magazine

Our Printed Medical Magazine is one of our Printed Magazines " life style, offers, Kids & Business " we created these magazines for serving all Egyptians either they where " Companies' Owners, Shops owners, foundations or free lancers " in Order To benefits on normal Egyptian citizens every one can advertise with us and discover the new era of Marketing and E-Marketing with our professional team. Our printed magazines offering a u unique services. It implements different ideas to make Our customers always at the forefront because it supported by a website and other electronic services that make it the demand for any user. The distribution of our Magazines will be in "Clubs, Hypermarkets, Banks, Coffee shops & Restaurants".
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 Website Design and our Web sites   

Internet now is one of the most popular tool to grow your business and the best way to have a smart investment in 2016 and the cheapest way of marketing specially after seo shown up to help investors throw them web sites to make their websites friendly 
for search engines and here comes our role to design your website and make it
friendly for search engines and create the best content in order to benefit from Egyptian citizens. Our main web site is S&O , advertising website is advertising S&O browse them and enjoy the luxury. You can also advertise with us on them .
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designs logo or pic 
To design a company logo or pic you have to find a professional designer and it is not easy and expensive too or you have to search on " logo maker online " or even" photo editor " and waste most of your time to find any of these expensive ways here our service shown up to save your time and make it easy. Design your company logo and stop wasting your time on search for logo maker and let us design your logo and your photo as professionals .
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social media and fb Ads.

social media is one of the popular and successful advertising for your business. "Facebook" is the biggest and fasts way to reach your customers and grow your business S&O company covered all social media channels as "youtube , google adwords , google adsense , twitter , instgram & others" we can complete what you deserve and what you dreamed of for enhancing your business. Don't hesitated to contact us now for any details.   

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TV Publicity 
There is no doubt that audio and visual means of advertising are supposed to have wide audience and viewers, therefore we are able  to make your company reach the maximum profit and spreading through the public using this services. 


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