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Systronic Group

cargo, transportation, e_marketing

Systronic Group 

We are a Family Investment Companies have a Verity of Interests and investment around  the world . It also Provides excellent opportunities for investors and Partners in all sectors and offers group, enhanced alliances and strategic partnerships . innovative products and services of high quality and competitive prices, and including all kinds of building materials and phosphate general and agricultural products and foodstuffs and petroleum. We are also engaged import and export, security and  safety system, security guards and general contracting and marketing .

 Our Mission

Converting Egypt into Electronic Egypt, End to End Integrated Solutions, Strong Focus on SME and SMB Solutions, State Of the Art Cutting Edge Technological Solutions, Bounded With Reasonable Economical & Financial Factors, Superior Quality Services " Trust " , " Communication " , " Innovation " , After Sales Services . 

Systronic Services 

  • Import and Export .
  • Freight and Customs Clearance .  
  • Security Protections and Safety Systems.
  • Commercial Agencies and Marketing .
  • Provide Consulting and feasibility studies .
  • Constructing and Real State Investment .
  • Project Management .
  •  International Trading .
  •  IT and Software Solution .

  • Construction Materials .
  • Electronic Solution .
  • Petroleum .
  • Food Commodities .
  • Natural Energy  System .
  • End To End Business Solutions " Oracle ", " ACCPAC " , " Microsoft " , Etc...
  • E-Commerce Solutions .
  • E-Security Solutions.    
 Import & Export

Continued Import & Export and Customs Clearance
  • Featuring Company Systronic Import & export and Customs clearance ( A . E . S ) .
  • It holds the Import of all Groups import License ( 21 Commodity Group ) .
  • And what its global Spread and multiple Partners Worldwide .


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